Our Worship

Worship at Nowata UMC

Worship is the central and most important act of the local church. Worship is setting aside our time, energy, and resources for God. All believers should be worshipping at all times and all places, but it is essential for us also to gather once a week and worship together.

We know that as we worship, the church around the world, along with the heavenly host at God's throne, is worshiping with us. Our worship is designed with biblical accounts of heavenly worship in mind. For that reason, we focus on the congregation, not the pastor or choir, as the center of worship. Congregational song, prayer, and scripture reading are highly valued. The pastor and choir are only present to help the congregation participate more fully. We definitely are not trying to create a consumer/spectator experience. God desires that all his people worship him, so we aim to do just that.

Children are a vital part of the worship experience. We welcome children to worship with us if they so desire. In the event that children need some space, we do have a nursery staffed with two background-checked individuals.

Our worship service typically takes place within an hour. Some weeks require that we go over by a few minutes. We follow a liturgy (order of worship) and a bulletin, with the understanding that the Holy Spirit may drive us in another direction when we are all together. We utilize a projector in worship, which is meant to help those with eye problems to participate better. We urge the rest of the congregation to read from the bibles and hymnals found in the pews.

Worship here would feel formal to some, but that shouldn't keep anyone away. If jeans and a t-shirt are all you have, we want you here. If you haven't been able to bathe for a while, we still want you here. If you have no money to give, we still want you here. God desires that we all come as we are, and it is the act of worship that changes us. 

The most important part of any church, in fact that makes a church a church, is the people. The people who worship here are gracious and kind. We love the Lord, even if many of us do not feel like experts in the faith. Imperfect as we are, we gather to worship our perfect and loving God, and we are excited to share this experience with others in our community. Come and be changed with us as we worship the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit alongside one another.

Our Sunday morning worship is held at 11am. Come, and be blessed!